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KOK Technical Report Part6

This is the Technical Report containing KOK MainNet development news and issue from October 1st to 15th

[Technical Design Status]

We are currently undergoing research development regarding NFT support that is newly applied on KOK-Chain MainNet. A variety of DApp services by NFT are currently being tested and the index of transaction processing and users behavior pattern is being measured. In order to solve numerous issues through NFT in an easier and more convenient way, we are upgrading KOK ecosystem into a more stable and robust system.

-Development Details-

1. Design for AI learning on KOK-Chain, Pre-Mining data (25%)

2. Measure KOK-Chain, DApp user behavior pattern and AP index (55%)

3. Develop AT & AT API module (20%)

4. Testing for AI learning on KOK Platform, DApp NFT support

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