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KOK PLAY Introduced on Korea Major Press as Emerging Power in Platform Industry

New contents platform is showing rapid growth in recent contents market, drawing attention in the industry. One of the three largest daily newspapers in Korea, Dong-A Ilbo, selected “KOK PLAY” as the new innovative emerging power that will lead the future contents platform industry in the following generation.

While giant contents platform continues to abuse their monopolized power, the world’s largest search engine Google decided to enforce 30%of app fee on all apps and contents purchased on Google Play. This is the time that we desperately need new platforms to lead the contents market.

Being on Korea’s major press about blockchain related articles is nothing easy. Media companies are very cautious and conservative about sending articles related to blockchain due to unstable situations such as the enforcement of the special law. However, KOK PLAY was proudly introduced to the Dong-A Ilbo, the largest major newspaper in Korea. This is proof that we possess justification as a promising platform with unlimited potential.

The content platform market is expected to continue to grow indefinitely. As a result, KOK PLAY is strengthening our position as a global content platform with our competitive blockchain technology and diverse contents. Over the past year, KOK PLAY could grow rapidly with the unlimited trust and support of our users. KOK PLAY is ready to grow in the future. We want to ask for your continuous interest and support.

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According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, the growth of the domestic content market stands out. The Korean content market has shown steady growth over the past five years, with sales in the Korean content industry rising 5.4% to 125 trillion won in 2019 which is the world's seventh largest market share in global markets.

Korean content market, which has become one of the world's major content markets, is also dominated by global dinosaur content platforms such as Google and Netflix. On the other hand, innovative Korean native content startups are attracting industry attention as they are introducing their own new platforms and content.

"Watchapedia, a domestic OTT service"

Watchapedia, a domestic OTT service, was the first to make inroads into foreign markets. On April 16, the company officially launched the "Watcha Japan" service across Japan. Watcha previously introduced the "Watchapedia" in 2015. Watchapedia is a service that users recommend and evaluate movies and other contents. It started with a tool to analyze users' tastes and created the current Watcha service. In particular, there is high expectation in the field of OTT, with objective scoring exposure and reasonable price as the differentiating points.

"Blockchain content platform KOK PLAY"

Attempts to combine the blockchain technology and the content industry are also notable. KOK PLAY is one of Korea's leading blockchain content platforms. It is also noteworthy that consumers can enjoy comprehensive content such as movies, webtoons, games, and TV videos within a single platform, and can pay directly anywhere in the world with decentralized virtual assets.

"Webtoon Open Platform POSTYPE"

There is also an "open platform" service that has emerged as an alternative to a large webtoon platform, where only commercially superior webtoons are prioritized. It's the POSTYPE. According to Webtoon InSite, a webtoon/web novel information portal, POSTYPE, ranks third in webtoon platform traffic after Naver Webtoon and Daum Webtoon. By presenting a new model of a free independent creative ecosystem, the company is securing a competitive edge comparable to that of a large webtoon company.

Meanwhile, the size of the content platform market will continue to develop. Consumers will naturally move to platforms with attractive content, and it is self-evident that the quality and differentiation of content held by the platform will determine the success or failure of the competition. With latecomers quickly gaining in size armed with differentiated content and services, they are expected to provide more diverse choices for content consumers.

We will change the digital content market

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