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KOK Technical Report Part7

This is the Technical Report containing KOK MainNet development news and issue from October 16th to 31st.

[Development Design Status]

KOK-Chain MainNet is currently under research and development of various functions for developers such as Specification, Templates etc to provide NFT support. These enable the user to easily develop NFT as Template form. The learning will be under Optimization-Matrix that evolved from the current AI learning, as well as NFT development, enables learning twice faster than the current learning.


1. AI learning of token economic learning model (15%)

2. Intensified Ai learning on transaction pattern (30%)

3. KOK-Chain, AT & AT API module development (35%)

4. Token issuance scenario pattern learning through AI (25%)

5. AI learning design for KOK-Chain, Pre-Mining data (30%)

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