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MagiaX Made Headline on, the Large Chinese Game Medium

Seven major media outlets, including China's leading game media and PTBUS, devoted their main page to the launch of the MagiaX Steam.

‘’ is a well-known representative game webzine and community in China. It boasts unique information volume and has a high market share in the game webzine market. In PTBUS, a well-known media among local Chinese users, the MagiaX article was published in the "Popular Article” section uncovering the rising interest of the Chinese people.

The Chinese game market is considered one of the most promising markets for Korean companies. Along with the United States, it is known that there are as many as 30 million steam users in China alone as a major market.

In particular, there is a growing interest on MagiaX as it possess the similar traits with 2D cross-scroll action games such as Dungeon & Fighter, King of Fighters, etc which are popular in Chinese market. As the Chinese game market is similar to Korea's culture, we are looking forward to the craze of MagiaX.

Meanwhile, MagiaX is planning to have its final CBT (pre-format, closed-door beta test) this week and is expected to begin its official service at Steam within a week or two.

You can find out more details in the article below.

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Numerous developers have been challenging to create "Well-made 2D Side-scroll Action Game” that is comparable to Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown, but unfortunately most of the games disappeared after a short period. Frankly, if you search "action" on Steam, you can hardly find a well-made side-scroll action game. This shows that it is indeed difficult to make a satisfactory 2D side-scroll action game.

That's why the sudden release of "MagiaX," the authentic 2D action game on Steam is welcomed by so many. After casting a series of aerial combos using command attacks, you end up exclaiming, "Right, this truly is the action!” It also features a variety of actions that are hard to find in simple action games such as lifting, shooting, quick standing, and dash, so you will feel satisfied with your hand move. Different skills, quests, and stories are prepared for each character, which brings more fun in growing each of the character.

When you play the game with a fairy tale graphic that reminds you of a Japanese classic action game you, as a kid, used to play in an arcade, it gives you relaxing and calm feeling. Moreover, we can find the confidence of developers in that the original character and the actual ratio of characters in the game are almost identical. The background shows the depth of 3D while maximizing the appearance of the original characters by actively utilizing 3D technology.

It is also worth noting that the game includes well-known vocalists from both Korea and Japan, who are far too popular among vocalist mania. The fact that numerous vocalists who used to play the leading roles in popular animation in the two countries have participated in the game development demonstrate high craftsmanship of the developer, who strives to grasp every detail within the game.

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