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PK Master Giveaway and Mileage Event

Hello, this is KOK PLAY.

To celebrate the recent addition of mileage service on PK Master, we decided to open a special giveaway event and additional mileage event that you can earn 200% of mileage of KOK you used during the event period. Event details are as below.

-Event date: November 9 00:00 (GMT+9)~ November 22 23:59 (GMT+9)

Event 1. You will earn 200% Mileage on every KOK you used during the event period (For 1KOK you play, you will earn 48 mileages)

Event 2. Prize event for those who get the most KOK at PK Master during the event period

Surprise prizes such as iPad and AirPods were prepared for the 10 participants who got the most KOK during the event period.The higher rate you bet, the higher the probability of winning the prize.

- Giveaways

1st iPad

2nd AirPods

3rd 30 Free tickets

4th 15 Free tickets

5th~10th 10 Free tickets

*All giveaways during the event will be provided according to the amount of earned KOK.

*If there are two or more winners, the user who used more KOK during the event will be prioritized.

*Giveaway will be provided once the user agrees to privacy policy that is necessary for the delivery.

This is your chance to earn special giveaways and 200% of mileages! Don’t miss the event!

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