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Growing attention on KOK PLAY webtoon

As one of Korea’s major press introduced KOK PLAY as the emerging power to the current contents platform, the press is once again paying attention to KOK PLAY as an innovative platform that integrates blockchain technology and webtoon. There was a similar attempt before of course, but why the attention on KOK PLAY? The answer is KOK PLAY is establishing ecosystem that can resolve major problems on current contents industry.

Numerous problems start to be revealed on current webtoon platform. Webtoon artists for example cannot acquire profits they deserve due to illegal copy. Also, global users have difficulty in using the service due to complicated payment process.

More and more users are trying to enjoy K webtoon as it grows exponentially worldwide, and payment system that accommodates them has to be created, which is excellently done by KOK PLAY.

KOK PLAY with its new model provides fair profit structure for the artists and for global users, the best quality of contents that they can pay with convenient payment system. The article acknowledges KOK PLAY with its attempt to suggest the whole new model on webtoon industry and also as an innovative platform with its potential to attract global users.

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KOK PLAY, a global content platform, will launch a webtoon service soon.

It presents popular webtoons of various genres, including action, romance and thriller, on a daily basis. It has already signed contracts with the latest works, which have been sensationally popular not only in Korea but also abroad, and famous masterpieces will be serviced one after the other.

The KOK Foundation signed a business agreement with ChainComics, a popular global webtoon platform, in June, signaling the full-fledged start of its business. Although there have been several attempts to integrate Blockchain and Webtoons, KOK PLAY is the first service model that can actually be paid with a commonly used crypto.

In this regard, the two companies are building innovative ecosystems beyond the limits of current webtoon businesses.

Despite the aftermath of Corona, the content market has rapidly emerged as an Untact industry, showing rapid growth. In particular, movies and dramas using webtoon IP are making a hit one after another and are actively being carried out.

Webtoons are now at the forefront of the content business. As a result, a number of webtoon platforms with their unique model have emerged recently.

KOK PLAY, which has newly emerged in the webtoon world, shows a higher level of service compared to existing platforms. It's a combination of blockchain technology and webtoons.

The webtoon market expects to block illegal copying, which has been a major headache, utilizing blockchain security technology, and creators can hope to see and settle profits generated through their works in real time and transparently through blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, users will gather on the platform where quality content is provided every day. Access to the platform will also be increased in that users can also enjoy various contents through convenient payments regardless of time and place.

According to a KOK PLAY official, the needs of creators wishing to provide their own webtoon content safely and the desire of global users to easily access Korean K webtoons anywhere in the world are becoming a reality within our platform. In the future, KOK PLAY is planning to carry out various forms of cooperation by considering promoting services through global content linkage. Furthermore, KOK's challenge to lead the development of the content industry will continue.

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