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Signed IR & MOU with Blockchain Technology Research Institute regarding IBCT.

'IBCT', which is researching and developing blockchain technology at Delta Research Center with KAIST, announced that it will provide technical cooperation and support for KOK blockchain through MOU with KOK Foundation. 

CTO Young Kyu Choe has a history of developing blockchain technology with KAIST researchers in the past and is currently participating as an advisor to IBCT.

In addition, Young Kyu Choe, CTO of the KOK Foundation, was invited to LED (Life convergence blockchain Eco-system Development) Blockchain Technology Conference that was held at KAIST on November 1st to share opinions regarding ‘KOK Platform’ with the key researchers.

Young Kyu Choe, CTO of KOK Platform, stated that, “The existing DPOS consensus algorithm was developed for fast processing, but there is a problem in governance due to collusion.” He also stated that “KOK Blockchain selected BP that provides real-world services to platform users through the advanced DPOSS, and established stable and strict governance to compensate for the problems of the existing DPOS. ”

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