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Magia on Steam finally released! Super Success from the first appearance.

Magia X, the PC version of Magia, was finally released on Steam, the world's largest PC game platform, on 17th. In the meantime, many people have been waiting for the new look of Magia with excitement and anticipation. In order to meet those expectations, the feedback received from Magia's mobile version was supplemented and reborn as a more spectacular action game.

Magia X is raising the expectation of sucess from the surprising debut. As soon as it's released, Magia X entered the main page of New Release of Steam and brought big attentions from worldwide users. Now, game media began to show the interest on Magia X' new challenge. Inven, the biggest game webzine in Korea releases the articles about Magia X everyday even before Magia X' debut. Also, Ruliweb, Game Josun, the top game medias also rush to deliver the news of Magia X.

Magia X' Early Access started successfully thanks to the game users worldwide. In the following official release, it will introduce more interesting contents with more attractive characters to lead the interest to the success.

Magia X is expected to draw a new breakthrough in 2D action game history. And KOK goes together.

You may play Magia X by the link below.

You may read Articles about Magia X by the link below.

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