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November 23rd Cryptocurrency Market Research

[Bitcoin on the rise] 

Since hitting an all-time high back in December of 2017, bitcoin has shot its way up to USD 18,800 before settling in the mid USD 18,000 mark for the first time in three years. Bitcoin with its sudden revival is showing to have surpassed the 16th largest organization, Mastercard, as far as its current market value.

CoinMarketCap has recorded bitcoin to have risen .29% in the last 24 hours at USD 18,592 as of 7:30 this morning. The 24 hr volume total is USD 410 billion with the total market cap at USD 34.49 trillion. 

Regarding bitcoin’s potential, Vinny Lingham, Co-founder & CEO of has tweeted “It’s clearly going to rip and go to a new ATH, at multiples of today’s price, sometime over the next 12 months. Just make sure you’re managing your portfolio and take cash off the table once you’re overexposed.”

While bitcoin has been on the rise headed toward all-time highs of USD 20,000, hopes are rising for Altseason, (many are rallying towards Altcoin more so than bitcoin due to its positive feedback in the crypto market.) since it has aligned with BTC in the bullish market.

Ranked 2nd by market cap in the crypto market, Ethereum, Altcoin’s top contender has risen 5.81% in the last 24 hours at USD 570. ETH has surged to 29% growth in the last 7 days. Accordingly, the renowned crypto trader Chase_NL (twitter @Chase_NL) tweeted, “Personally, I'm looking at the $570 weekly level, with a potential push towards a round $600 if momentum is really strong.”

[A Professional’s Opinion]

While BTC has been on the rise towards USD 20,000, Altcoin’s bullish market potential has been mentioned continuously in the brief moments BTC’s momentum has slowed. As in the case of Ripple’s XRP and its 20% + daily growth rate, there are analyses that show the possible return of Altcoin’s bullish market. 

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