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KOK shopping mall event is back with a vigor!

The KOK shopping mall is jam packed with more items now than ever! New items await our members as winter is upon us. As the winter season can be tough on your skin, we have prepared a top notch lineup chosen by beauty influencers. We dare say you may let your hopes run high! 

We have received much interest and love from our members the last time we held the KOK shopping mall mileage event this past September. In order to express our gratitude we have prepared an event that goes above and beyond. This is a rare opportunity to take advantage of a 300% accrual of the purchase amount with any purchase of our new items (valid for only event items).

The details of the event are as follows:

Duration: November 25th- December 8th

Rewards: 300% mileage accrual of purchase amount with any purchase of items from the “new event” category.

We encourage everyone to participate and take advantage of this great opportunity to stockpile on mileage!

*New items (event items) are products listed under the “new event category."

*This offer will be limited to domestic users only due to COVID19 and we ask for your understanding regarding this limitation.

*Please remember to make any KOK shopping mall related inquiries to the 1:1 customer service within the shopping mall.

*Accrued mileage will be added on top of the 200% cap currently placed through mining.

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