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KOK PLAY Home Training Launch

As mentioned in the conference our first project "Home Training Program" has finally been launched.

Due to the growing COVID19 phenomenon, public facilities such as gyms have been deemed as health risks, and as such the "home training" trend has been growing to maintain a healthy lifestyle even in these unexpected and challenging times. 

KOK PLAY is a "new normal" platform that moves at the same speed as the quickly changing social trends. Accordingly, that is why we need to stay on top when it comes to delivering pertinent information to you our users for your general well-being. Additionally, we are doing our best to attain relevant and necessary media contents, "Home Training" being one of them. 

This new program consists of top trainers from each country with the lead trainer being Sung Tae Kang, with one million followers on Youtube as well as an exceptional educational background and track record of contributions to the domestic sports competition scene. We also have another well known "S" Electronics trainer of the "N Health Portal" on the program as well.

Please join us every Wednesday for new content on KOK PLAY! Get health and stay healthy with our new program "Home Training."

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