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Yong K. Choe, CTO of KOK Foundation attended ‘Blockchain Economic Forum 2019 Seoul’

Yong K. Choe, CTO of the KOK Foundation attended ‘Blockchain Economic Forum 2019 Seoul’ held at the Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel on November 11.

CTO Choe said at the event that the current financial process should be improved, and blockchain can be spread and applied not only to finance, but also to many areas of human life, resulting in a true sharing economy-a collaborative economy, which the form of economy that can heal the scars of capitalism.

This shared economy, as Young K. Choe CTO mentioned, is in line with the direction KOK PLAY is pursuing. KOK PLAY is a blockchain platform that not only experts in finance, but also the public can participate in, and is a shared economy platform that everyone collaborates on to make the vision into a reality together.

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