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Balloon Battle “AniBalloon” channeling service launch!

StairGames Inc's real friendship destruction game, “AniBalloon” will be serviced all over the world through KOK PLAY. 

StairGames Inc is a promising game startup invested by Neowiz, a leading domestic game company, created by veteran developers and designers of the "Three Kingdoms       Blade," which was rated as one of Google's top 5 best sellers.

"AniBalloon" is a real-time global network battle game full of cuteness and laughter as a spin-off project set apart from the existing MMORPG development lineup of           StairGames Inc. The key to the game is how quickly you can pop the opponent's balloon, and various game modes such as mini-games, individual battles, and team battles

may be enjoyed.

Supported in 18 languages, KOK looks forward to interest and positive  response from global community members.

(We would be grateful for a positive * rating after download!)

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