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KOK Enters US Market!

The comprehensive digital platform KOK PLAY caught the attention of the US market recently. KOK PLAY was featured on major US media sites such as Yahoo Finance, CanadianInsider, MarketWatch, and SeekingAlpha where KOK’s home training contents of the “untact” era were introduced. KOK spoke of the present, the future, and the secret to their success in such a short time. In addition,   the article was picked up by local media in the United States, and KOK PLAY was introduced to more than 100 locations.

In the United States, each major city has an independent professional media that reports based on the interests of their communities. Since the media companies that reported KOK PLAY are also trustworthy long standing pillars of that area, the popularity of KOK PLAY in the United States is expected to spread through this report.

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KOK PLAY'S Untact "Home Training" Launch

Global digital platform, KOK PLAY, has launched a new program called "Home Training" as a result of the global epidemic COVID19. KOK PLAY recognized the growing demand for "untact" contents as a direct   response to social distancing, a crucial necessity to keep the virus from spreading even further. Focusing on this "niche" demand,    KOK PLAY has responded with a dynamic content packed training-from-home program.


What this new social change will require in the days to come is staying at home as much as possible yet still being able to maintain an exercise regimen in a limited space. This was the core backbone behind the planning of this new program targeting as many      people as possible regardless of their age or occupation.

Providing a collection of global digital content, KOK PLAY'S momentum has been a force to be reckoned with, amassing an             incredible community of 250k users across 90 countries and continuously growing. Users can enjoy a variety of contents ranging     from movies, webtoon comics, to games as well as educational content. This awareness for quality content, fast response to new     social demands, and an insatiable appetite to take on new challenges are the core reasons behind KOK'S explosive growth over such a short period of time.

The days to follow post COVID will undoubtedly show a stark contrast to the time before. The contents industry will undoubtedly     follow suit to meet such changes. Content providers will need to dive deeper to come up with more interesting and diverse topics   to keep up. Platforms that can meet these challenges head on and not hesitate when it comes to taking chances will have continuity in this newly expanding and unforeseen market sector. Original and innovative contents such as this new exercise program is what    separates KOK PLAY as a global entity. Although no one knows what challenges tomorrow will bring, KOK will be fast to respond     ultimately providing the end users the benefits they are entitled to.

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