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CTO Young Choe's Untact Online Special Lecture at Pohang University's Blockchain Research Team

On Friday, the 11th, CTO Young Choe of the KOK Foundation gave an online special lecture on KOK's POP Offering (Proof of Participation) consensus algorithm for the blockchain research team at Pohang University of Science and Technology (Pohang).

POP Offering (Proof of Participation) is an abbreviation of Proof of Participation Offering and is an academic term coined by the CTO as a proof of the rewards provided to network operators for the successful expansion of KOK's platform.

In a special lecture that lasted for about an hour, Mr. Choe made an introduction of the KOK Foundation, KOK PLAY, and the upcoming mainnet, in addition to the POP Offering concept that piqued the interest of the university's blockchain research team. 

Recently, many universities are opening courses or conducting research on blockchain. In particular, from this year, Pohang University is bestowing a blockchain degree to all students, the second in the world and the first in Korea, following MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The high interest in blockchain among the world's leading universities means that the future of the industry looks promising. The reason Pohang University invited the CTO among many other cryptocurrency entities is due to their belief in our direction and technological prowess in this relatively new industry.

In the near future, Mr. Choe's detailed contributions on the concept of POP Offering will be posted as a feed. Please look forward to Mr. Choe's future lectures on POP as well as consensus algorithms.

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