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Year-end celebration! Shopping mall mileage special event!

Year-end Mileage Event!

It seems like just yesterday we gave our 2020 New Year’s greetings, but the end of the year is already upon us once again. This year, our KOK Shopping Mall has grown a lot thanks to the interest and support from all of our members. In the coming new year, we have prepared a special holiday event for our members to take another step with us towards further growth and development.

Many of our members may undoubtedly be frustrated by the necessity of masks brought on by the pandemic. To perhaps alleviate this situation in any way, we have prepared a hot item, the ‘LED Mask,’ that will relieve your skin troubles. When purchasing this LED mask, you can receive a full set of up to 2 ampoules + pouch + 2 cable adapters. In addition to the modest price, you can receive up to 300% of the purchase amount as KOK mileage. Please show us your love and support!

The contents of the event are as follows.

Event details: 300% of the purchase amount of KOK mileage is accrued

when purchasing ‘NEW EVENT’ category products in the KOK shopping mall

Event date: December 25, 2020 (Friday) ~ January 7, 2021 (Thursday

We are planning to hold various events in the future, so we ask for your interest.

*New products (event products) fall under the ‘New event’ category.

*Please understand that shopping mall delivery is limited only to Korea due to COVID.

*Please be sure to provide the correct shipping address and mobile phone number when purchasing.

*For inquiries related to the KOK shopping mall, please use the 1:1 customer center within the app.

*Mileage earned through the KOK shopping mall can be additionally mined above the 200% limit of accumulated revenue.

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