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KOK PLAY Jingle!

Global companies around the world employ a variety of marketing strategies. There is visual marketing, fragrance marketing, and audio marketing using auditory stimulation.

A ‘Jingle’ is a short 1-2 second easy to remember catchy melody designed to imprint the catchy notes with the intended brand or logo. 

The typical effect of jingle sound marketing is that even if you hear a T-Ring called ‘Ding-T-Ring’, the association to SKT is immediate. Same with Intel's jingle that helped them occupy 80% of the global chip market, and Unilever increased its brand awareness with their unique sound resulting in a 30% increase in sales. 

As such, KOK PLAY has come up with our very own jingle to help the KOK Platform name reach as many people as possible 

The ‘KOK Jingle’ incorporates the brand name, melody, and rhythm. The sung melody, "KOK PLAY" naturally imprints the brand name onto the public. By adopting an    ascending melody that starts with A, which is the standard tuning for all instruments and applying bright percussive sounds with a melody at the end, KOK PLAY once  again leaves a positive impression with the listener. This jingle embodies our sincerest intent to provide our members with top quality content that can be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Please refer to the KOK Jingle usage scope below:

Individuals can use it free of charge for non-commercial use. However, companies, organizations, institutions, etc., require a separate contract even if they are used for  non-profit. Even within the scope of use, embedding or secondary modification is strongly prohibited. If it is difficult to judge the legality of usage, please inquire with    The KOK Foundation.

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