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KOK Lists on Bittrex, North America's Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange!

Greetings from KOK with more good news and updates. 

In recognition of its excellent technology and business, KOK has been listed on the BTC and USDT market of Bittrex, a global crypto exchange. 

As Bittrex is the number one cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, they are also well known for fast transaction speed, high security, and strict compliance. 

Thanks to growing interest in KOK by members in North America, listing on one of the best exchanges in the US could not have come at a better time.

The KOK Foundation is doing its best to list on the top exchanges at the optimal timing by analyzing the market in close detail. 

Acccordingly, since ZBG and Bithumb's global listing, KOK's price has now risen by nearly 50%, and the daily trading volume is also higher than that of other cryptocurrencies. 

With the recent surge of Bitcoin and Ethereum, KOK's uptrend is expected to continue as the interest of North American users as well as the positive atmosphere in the cryptocurrency market grow together in parallel.

However, KOK will not rest on its laurels, never tiring of pursuing a better tomorrow that surely awaits...those who seek it.  

We are always grateful to you, our Frontier members for being our companions and partners in this exciting journey of endless opportunities. 

Stay tuned for more major developments to come your way! 


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