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KOK, By Trading Volume, in Bittrex's top 7

Since listing on Bittrex, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in North America on Jan. 6th, KOK has posted a daily high, recording an average daily trading volume of USD 2.1 million continuing a steady upward trend. Currently (January 8 at 2pm, (GMT + 9)) Bittrex Exchange has the number 1 trading volume for Altcoins in the USDT market and 30% increase in  the BTC market compared to the previous day.

KOK's active trading volume in the USDT market is due to its growing popularity in North America as of late, its listing on the Tether market which is favored by North American       users, and recording impressive prices every day since listing, as well as KOK attracting investors' attention.

What is surprising is that since the listing on Bittrex, it has ranked 1st in daily trading volume and 5th in total trading volume among Altcoins on both Bithumb Global and ZBG        respectively. The KOK price for both exchanges increased from $0.25 before listing to $0.29, showing an average of a 16% growth in 3 days.

As with stocks, volume is an important part of an investment and has a major impact on the overall rise and fall of a given commodity. KOK's continuing upward curve is evidence   that KOK's value has basis in the North American market as well.

We look forward to KOK's continued growth in the future.

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