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[KOK PLAY]G-star 2019

Sung-Jun Park CSO and Ji-won Kang COO of KOK PLAY attended the 2019 G-Star held in Busan on November 14 to secure the KOK PLAY game lineup.

KOK PLAY spread the excellence of the KOK PLAY Platform through meetings with more than 30 global companies, including Google Play and Line Games. KOK PLAY plans to service 10 selected games at the beginning of 2020. The game line-up that contains various genres such as action, sports, SNG, and puzzles, will be released sequentially depending on the development stage of each game.

On the other hand, Magia-Charma Saga, currently channeling on KOK PLAY, is  serviced with the popularity in about 140 countries. KOK PLAY proved its influence as a game platform with the case of Magia-Charma Saga. After being serviced on KOK PLAY, the game was ranked No. 1 again in the rapid rise chart on Google PLAY.

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