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Korea Economic Daily, KOK Mainnet Introduction

Recently, interest in cryptocurrency has increased, and related articles are pouring out in major domestic and international media, but attention is focused mostly on major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, little interest is shown in the minor crypto coins, but it seems KOK is the exception.

The Korea Economic Daily, the leading economic daily newspaper in Korea, showed deep interest in the KOK Mainnet MVP, as well as testnet and mainnet respectively. Furthermore, they have been observing and applauding KOK's efforts in implementing the white paper and moving forward with the roadmap since its inception.

Then, what is the mainnet MVP and what kind of technical know-how does it contain? We will learn more through the video of CTO Choe Young, of KOK Foundation.

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The KOK project, which represents a global digital content platform, announced that it has launched the MVP to verify the learning model ahead of the mainnet launch. Starting with this release, the development of the testnet and mainnet will soon follow.

Through this MVP release, various AI patterns and modeling that have been prepared so far will be verified. When compared to the testnet stage, the biggest difference is that KOK operates four super nodes that are being operated by itself. Block producers in this node generate blocks once every 10 seconds, and its strength lies in its ability to handle can the overload processing problem.

The mainnet that KOK ultimately aims for has improved transaction confirmation by more than 80% over the existing 3rd generation mainnet based on the learned data. In addition, it is expected that the existing DPOS problem will be resolved through the consensus algorithm PPBFT (Parallel Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance).

From the third quarter of last year, De-fi (decentralized financial service) users and transaction volumes have risen significantly, along with Ethereum's gas costs, ultimately reaching their full system capacity. 

The KOK mainnet is scheduled to prevent transaction overload checks and detection of abnormal fees through decentralized AI so that such difficulties do not occur in the first place. In addition, the transaction fee will be set reasonably to further enhance the accessibility of users.

A KOK official said, “through the launch of the MVP, KOK will check more efficient operation and security before mainnet development. In the future, we will continue to update the contents of the testnet development through the official channel, so we hope that you will continue to watch and support KOK's further development.”

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