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KOK Gives Back for the Lunar New Year holiday.

KOK has made a contribution to Camarata Music, a non-profit music organization that sponsors the underprivileged, as well as helping neighbors in need. Camarata Music also offers an opportunity to those who otherwise would not have had the chance to sing in a choir. In order to promote Camarata's good deeds, KOK is trying to support their patronage by regularly uploading their performances to KOK PLAY.

Camarata Music, which signed an agreement with the KOK Foundation, is an organization designed to provide a touching music experience to the socially disadvantaged, led by Ryan Goessl, the general director and standing conductor. Camarata Music is also well-known as an organization that steadily contributes profits to the socially underprivileged, such as North Korean defectors and the deaf.

(34 KOK Frontiers included in ADRF Sponsor List)

This fund donation was inspired by the sharing and donation activities of 34 frontiers, including CEO Song Gap-yong, a global seven-star leader. According to the news, in November, CEO Song Gap-yong, along with his leaders, donated a certain portion of KOK's profits to ADRF, a refugee-sponsored organization in Africa and Asia, on behalf of KOK Frontier.

If you want to participate in the donation relay together, such as the KOK Foundation's donation of development funds, please refer to the following.

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In addition, please feel free to let the KOK Foundation know about your various social contribution activities. The KOK Foundation will also actively participate in valuable movements for society. We hope that a wonderful KOK culture that leads to positive changes that will perpetuate the paying it forward phenomenon.

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