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KOK PLAY and Camarata Music

Starting today, KOK PLAY will provide Camarata Music's live performance as new up and coming TV content. You will be able to see Camarata Musical contents twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, with diverse genres all covered with the classical choir style singing.

These days, due to the pandemic, virtually all live performances have been canceled, posing a serious threat to the entertainment/music industry. In this situation, KOK PLAY has prepared this content to be joined by Camarata Music, a nonprofit organization that provides unique musical experience to the socially disadvantaged.

Camarata Music, a music-loving group of members from 102 countries, is composed of four choirs and one orchestra, encompassing various genres of music and continuing the good deeds of sharing by delivering classical music to the public more easily.

You can enjoy this content for free in the spirit of sharing. Enjoy Camarata Music playing the sound of joy to take you away from your exhausting daily routine of continuous social distancing.

[Camarata Music Sponsored Shortcuts]

Please join us in delivering a warm hand with KOK in this chilly season.

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