The global cultural content market is expected to reach about 1,000 trillion won by 2022. In particular, the proportion of digital content is expected to reach 53% by 2021, compared to only 33.5% in 2012, and it has grown rapidly by more than 20% annually.

In order to enjoy cultural content in the past, we had to go to a theater or a concert hall, but now we can easily enjoy all the content with a mobile phone. The digital content market has grown rapidly with the advent of digital content platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, and Play Store, which enabled the active distribution of content anywhere in the world. However, as the globalization accelerates, the monopoly of several large platforms has deepened, resulting in greater platform influence over content providers.


Eventually, content providers are experiencing a vicious cycle of profitability, offering a huge fees to the platform but not getting the opportunity to expose their content properly. Moreover, as the platform has a huge influence in selecting content, the content has been uniformized according to direction of the platform, which causes the market to be distorted, and the content ecosystem to be degenerated. Recently emerging blockchain technology has demonstrated the possibility of building a democratic system through its core value, decentralization.

Certain blockchain technologies are not governed by groups or central forces, and all transactions and events are transparently disclosed. Therefore, there is no risk of forgery or counterfeiting. KOK Foundation has developed a digital content distribution platform through blockchain, by noticing the potentiality and possibility of blockchain technology. KOK PLAY is a decentralized digital content platform that was created through the combination of our AI, big data technologies, and the blockchain technology that is currently in the spotlight. In order to solve the problem of monopolization of the existing global platform, it was developed to realize three values of 'Fair, Share, Enabler' KOK PLAY is a platform that allows all creators to fairly exploit the assets of the platform(Fair), share values, vision, and fair returns accordingly(Share), and ensures creators' freedom to create(Enabler).

KOK PLAY will be built together by all participants.

We will change the digital content market

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